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We Release pledged gold

“ We release pledged gold and settle the difference amount immediately.”
When people buys gold it signifies their hard work. Buying gold is not an easy task for everyone, people save their every penny to invest in gold. Indians are emotionally attached to their jewelries and we bother for your emotions. Gold has been always recognized as a good medium to invest your money but do it really pay off ? Do you really deserve such a less amount with interest when you pledge your jewelries? Obviously no.

It’s been a practice amongst people in India to pledge their jewelry for meeting their financial needs when there is no other option left. The pressure of heavy interest rates makes unfit for the customers to release the gold pledged with the banks, NBFC’s and local pawn brokers. Sometimes gold kept with bankers doesn't release your ornaments which makes the gold loan interest rate paid by you unnecessary. The stress arises with the high interest rates ranging from 16% to 36% annually. Most of the people don’t even realize how they are fooled by getting less price from the actual value of you valuable I.e. only 60-70% of the gold rate. The banks offer the price by canceling out the designs from actual value which is way far different from liquid metal. The situations worsen because of no experts available there to rate your jewelry.
You have been in the right place!! We are here to dissolve your tension into happiness!!

The process we release your gold !!

Once the customer approaches the Aashraya gold company for releasing pledged gold from NBFCs/Banks/Pawn Brokers etc. Our Executives of the Aashraya gold company will collect the pledged details from the customer and the approximate valuation for the gold would be disclosed based on the customer provided details. If the Customer is Satisfied with the approximate valuation the Aashraya gold company executive will go further for settling the gold loan along-with the customer and pay the principle and the interest amount to the pledged companies. The gold released from pledged company will be carried by our executive to Aashraya and the exact evaluation of the gold will be done. If any difference amount is found, it would be settled on the spot by the Aashraya gold company..
(Net Weight of gold) X (Purity of gold in %) X (Today’s market Price) - (Release Amount Paid) - (Service Charge)
Our experts verify the legality and purity of the gold, (by obtaining the purchase bill / if not verification will be done if necessary). We have XRF Spectrometer (EDX700) Machine to check the purity of gold without any damages. We don’t do any acid tests like other companies, so that you don’t lose your gold value while rubbing. The weight is measured in front of the customer with the help of sophisticated machine for transparent procedure. We charge the lowest for our service charge i.e. 3%.
" We aim at providing you an honest and transparent service. "

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